4. I see in your web site that your mattresses are made of different layers of foam with fancy names. What are their functions and how do they help me as a customer?

  • Our Standard mattresses consist of 2 layers, a Gel Memory foam Comfort layer and a 2 Lbs. density conventional foam Base Layer. The Comfort layer reduces the peak pressure of the mattress on your body which gives you feel of comfort.  The Base layer carries the weight of your body.
  • Our “Made to Body Measure” mattresses generally have 3, or in some cases, 4 layers. They are:
  1. A Base layer and, some cases, an added Sub-Base layer, made of high density foam. Base layer carries the weight of your body.
  2. A Pressure Equalization layer, made of different grades of foam, which is customized to yourspecific body measurements. This is a unique feature of all our mattresses. Pressure Equalization layer transfers part of the mattress’s pressure on the body from the high pressure areas at the shoulder and hip to the low pressure in the middle of the torso, thereby reducing the peak pressure on your body. As well, more or less equal pressure throughout the length of the torso minimizes the spinal distortion, well within the safe limit of +/-5 degrees.
  3. Finally a Comfort layer, made of Gel incorporated visco-elastic grade of foam. Comfort layer reduces the peak pressure on your body by increasing the area of contact between the mattress and your body. As well, the gel beads in the Comfort layer, goes through a phase change by absorbing the heat from your body which is why the mattress does not feel hot.