NuAge Standard Foam Mattresses

You can save big time when you buy a standard NuAge foam mattress. We are a local Surrey foam mattress manufacturer that makes and sells foam mattresses direct and online to customers in Canada. Wherever you may be in Canada, Shipping is Free with NuAge. If you reside in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, we can even bring our foam mattresses direct to your door with our mobile mattress showroom trucks. NuAge is a local BC foam mattress company with a reputation for manufacturing a high quality custom and standard foam mattress.

Our Standard foam mattresses come in three different compressions: Soft, Medium and Firm. In most instances, one of these three types of foam mattresses will be the right fit for the average customer. However, for couples with significant weight and size differences, and others that need a custom fit, we also offer a custom foam mattress.

Standard Foam Mattress Construction

Most mattresses manufactured in North America today consist of a base layer of spring or foam, called the support layer of the mattress. On top of the support layer there is a soft memory foam layer, called the comfort layer. The use of a spring base has been predominant for the last 100 years or so. Only recently has the trend changed from spring to foam.


The comfort layer in most mattresses is either a separate layer of foam on top of the base layer, or is quilted into the top cover of the mattress, or a combination of both. These days, the most popular is the use of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam as the comfort layer for a foam mattress.

Buying a Foam Mattress

In the case of mattress brands sold through Retail Outlets, consumers have the opportunity to try out the mattress before making a buying decision. If you reside in the Greater Vancouver Area, NuAge has a factory warehouse store in Delta AND we also offer the option of our mobile showroom, where a specially equipped truck comes directly to your front door.

When you try out a mattress in a store, you only feel pressure at the pressure points. The less the pressure, the more the feeling of comfort and with the use of a memory foam comfort layer, any mattress can be made to feel comfortable. However, be sure to note any spinal distortion when testing a mattress.

Mattress brands sold exclusively online do not give consumers the opportunity to try the mattress. This is why most manufacturers offer an extended return policy of 90 to 100 days during which you can exchange-return your mattress. NuAge is so confident in the superior quality of our foam mattresses and custom memory foam that we offer a 120 day return policy on our Standard Mattresses.

Drop in to our factory location, or give us a call and see when one of our showroom trucks is in your area. If outside the Greater Vancouver Area, give us a call and we can answer any questions or concerns about purchasing a NuAge Foam Mattress.

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