NuAge Memory Foam Mattresses

If you are looking for a standard or custom mattress at warehouse prices, you are in the right place. NuAge Foam is a national memory foam mattress manufacturer and warehouse based in Delta, BC, Canada. We also supply foam components for BC furniture and sofa manufacturers. Our warehouse offers local in-store specials for customers in Delta and Surrey and the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Free shipping anywhere in Canada when you purchase a NuAge mattress.

Concept of the NuAge Memory Foam Mattress

The NuAge mattress is the brain child of Arun Datta, a Chartered Engineer with years of experience in foam fabrication. Being a perfectionist, he spent years researching the biggest barrier to constructing the perfect memory foam mattress.

The biggest problem in the foam mattress industry, until now, involved weight distribution and support. For example: A foam mattress designed for an average body weight can compromise proper support for a couple, with sizeable weight differences. When one person weighs 54 kilograms (120 Lbs.) and the other 108 kilograms (240 Lbs.), one person will have too little support and the other too much. After years of pursuing what seemed to be an elusive goal, Arun had a revelation on how to solve the weight difference barrier to building the perfect foam mattress.

The way we look at it, most people are not just buying a mattress, they are buying sleep. This revelation led Arun to conclude a one-size-fits-all mattress will never solve the biggest problem in designing the perfect foam mattress. Like many inventors throughout history, the solution hit him like a bolt of lightning. While our standard memory foam mattresses provide proper support for most, there are a lot of people with sleep problems who require a custom fit. For these people a made-to-body-measure mattress is the only solution to their problem of weight distribution support and requires custom fit foam mattresses.


Evolution of the NuAge Made-to-Measure Mattress

Arun immediately pursued his new theory and put together an R&D team, which included two foam fabrication experts, Manjit Rai and SP Sandhu, who have over 45 years of combined experience in all aspects of foam fabrication and mattress design. His teamthen set out to implement Arun’s theory and turn it into reality, the perfect foam mattress.

The development phase of the NuAge mattress consisted of months and months of expensive trial and error testing. The team also had to develop a cost effective manufacturing process to make their mattress truly affordable, without compromising the quality of our mattress.

After numerous prototypes they finally accomplished their goals and in 2014 they launched the NuAge Made-to-Body-Measure Foam Mattress.

The Main Benefit of a NuAge Foam Mattress

The main benefit of a NuAge foam mattress is sleep quality at an affordable price. Every NuAge mattress is customized to your specific weight range for proper spinal support. For couples, it doesn’t matter what your weight differences may be. If you are searching for a better night’s sleep, you should consider a NuAge custom foam mattress.

Drop into our local store, shop online, or if you reside in the greater Vancouver area, book our mobile showroom to buy your foam mattress.