Choosing a new mattress isn’t always easy due to the risk and fear that you will choose the wrong one.

Below are some frequently asked questions people have when it comes to choosing the right mattress and how NuAge could help resolve this age old problem of sleepless nights and body ache.

1. How do I know that the Mattress that you send me is right for me, in terms of comfort and support, since I won’t get a chance to try it out before I purchase it? I don’t want to go through the hassle of returning the mattress and get a new one, which again may or may not be the right one.

  • If you buy one of our Standard mattresses, you have 120 Days free trial. If you feel that the mattress is not right for you, we will give you full refund as long as you have the original receipt.
  • If you buy our “Made to Body measure” mattress, the mattress that receive from us will be made to your specific body measurements and we guarantee both comfort and proper support. We do not expect our mattress to be returned because it does not feel comfortable or you feel lack of proper support.

2. I am a 6’-2” tall and 200 lbs. well-built man and my wife is 5’-5” tall and she weighs 130 lbs. What mattress would you recommend for us, hard, medium or soft?

  • In such a case, no standard mattress, soft, medium, firm, super-soft or extra firm will work for either of you. The only mattress that will work for both of you is our “made to body measure”mattress in which one half of the mattress is made to your measurements and the other half, to your wife’s measurements.

3. You claim that no standard, soft, medium or firm is right firm is right for me. The only mattress that is right for me is the one that is made to my measurement. If that is the case then why the other brand name mattress companies offering the same the same choice?

  • We can’t comment on what the other Mattress Companies are doing. I am sure that they know what they are doing, otherwise they won’t be successful.
  • Most people will find any Standard mattress reasonably comfortable due to generous use of Memory Foam in the Comfort Layer. However, there is no guarantee that the spinal distortion will be within the safe limit.  The effect of spinal distortion is felt only after some time and by then it may be too late to return the mattress.
  • In case of our “Made to Body Measure” mattresses, we take all guess work out of the equation. The mattress is custom made to your specific body measurements and we guarantee not only comfort but also proper spinal alignment.

4. I see in your web site that your mattresses are made of different layers of foam with fancy names. What are their functions and how do they help me as a customer?

  • Our Standard mattresses consist of 2 layers, a Gel Memory foam Comfort layer and a 2 Lbs. density conventional foam Base Layer. The Comfort layer reduces the peak pressure of the mattress on your body which gives you feel of comfort.  The Base layer carries the weight of your body.
  • Our “Made to Body Measure” mattresses generally have 3, or in some cases, 4 layers. They are:
  1. A Base layer and, some cases, an added Sub-Base layer, made of high density foam. Base layer carries the weight of your body.
  2. A Pressure Equalization layer, made of different grades of foam, which is customized to yourspecific body measurements. This is a unique feature of all our mattresses. Pressure Equalization layer transfers part of the mattress’s pressure on the body from the high pressure areas at the shoulder and hip to the low pressure in the middle of the torso, thereby reducing the peak pressure on your body. As well, more or less equal pressure throughout the length of the torso minimizes the spinal distortion, well within the safe limit of +/-5 degrees.
  3. Finally a Comfort layer, made of Gel incorporated visco-elastic grade of foam. Comfort layer reduces the peak pressure on your body by increasing the area of contact between the mattress and your body. As well, the gel beads in the Comfort layer, goes through a phase change by absorbing the heat from your body which is why the mattress does not feel hot.

5. How is your Mattress different from other brands of “Bed in a Box” Mattresses that are sold on line, to justify the price difference?

  • Our Standard Soft/Medium/Firm mattresses are very similar in performance to other Brads of “bed in a box” mattress are priced at more or less the same level as other brands. Undoubtedly, these mattresses are very comfortable but, as in any other Standard mattress, there is no guarantee for proper spinal alignment.
  • Our “made to body measure” mattresses, however, are very different from the other “bed in box” mattresses. Each of these mattresses is made to the user’s specific body measurements and we guarantee not only comfort but also correct spinal alignment. We make sure that you get the right mattress the first time, without the hassle of having to return it. These mattresses are designed and made individually.  Hence, the price difference between a Standard and a “Made to Body Measure” mattresses.

6. Does NuAge mattress sleep hot? I have an old memory foam mattress which sleeps uncomfortably hot.

  • No, NuAge mattresses do not sleep hot at all. The “Comfort Layer”, the layer that is directly in contact with your body, of all our mattresses are made of special Gel Memory foam which contains cooling Gel beads.  These Get beads go through a phase change by absorbing your body heat, thereby cooling your body.

7. What is your return policy? Up to what period of time after purchase can I return the Mattress with full refund, if the Mattress does not feel right?

  • For our Standard, if you feel that mattress is not right for you, you have 120 days to return the mattress with full refund as long as you have the proof of purchase.
  • For our “Made to Body Measure”, since the mattress is made to your specific body measurements, we do not expect our mattress to be returned because it does not feel comfortable or does not provide proper support. We have been selling these mattresses in our local area for the last 2 years and our return rate so far has been ZERO!

However, due to any mistake on our part or any other reason, if the mattress does not feel comfortable, you can return the mattress within a period of 6 months from the date of purchase with full refund.

8. Does the foam in your Mattress contain any Fire Retardant chemicals? If not, being made of foam, will the mattressadd to the fire hazard in my home?

  • No, the foam in our mattresses does not contain any Fire Retardant chemicals which have been proved to harmful, especially to small children.

However, all the foam used in our mattress meet the requirements of the current US standard for Fire Retardency of foam, Cal 117, 2013, even without the use of any Fire Retardant chemicals.

All our mattresses are wrapped with a special Fire Barrier before they are put into the cover as per the requirements of the current US standard of Flame Retardency of Mattresses, 16 CFR 1633. The Fire Barrierprevents the foam from going up in flame and, therefore, to answer your question, the mattress will not increase the fire risk in your home.

9. How soon after I receive the Mattress will I be able to use it?

  • You will receive our mattress in compressed form. When you remove it from the box and remove all the plastic packaging, the mattress will come back to its full size. This may take a bit of time since there is memory foam in the mattress, especially during winter. However the mattress should regain its full size within 24 hours and cab used immediately thereafter

10. If the Mattress cover gets stained or dirty, how do I clean it?

  • Our Mattress Covers are removable and washable. Washing instructions will be in the package.

11. What is Warranty on your Mattresses?

  • All our mattresses, Standard or “Made to Body Measure”, come with 10 years pro-rated warranty for material and workmanship.

12. How soon after order will I receive the mattress?

  • If it is a Standard mattress which we keep in stock, the mattress will be shipped on the next business day. After that, depending on your geographic location, it may take anywhere between 3 to 5 days to reach you.
  • Our “Made to Body Measure” mattresses, which take a little time to design and are made individually, will be shipped out within 5 business days.

13. What kind of Foundation do I need for NuAge mattresses?

  • A NuAge mattress will go with any kind of Foundation. You can use your existing Foundation.

14. On our present mattress,I tend to wake up during the night whenever my husband moves. Does NuAge mattresses transfer motion?

  • Your present mattress is probably an interconnected spring mattress which will transfer motion. All NuAge mattresses are made of foam which does not transfer motion at all.

15. Where are the NuAge mattresses made?

  • All NuAge mattresses are made either in our own Plant in Vancouver or at our Associate’s facility in Toronto. All foam used in our mattresses are made either in Canada or US.

16. Does your Company have any environmental policy? What do you do with your foam waste?

  • Yes, we do have a strict environmental policy. We recycle all our foam trim/off-cuts which is used in the manufacture of carpet underlay.

17. I have bad back from an earlier accident. What mattress will you recommend for me?

  • We will definitely recommend our “Made to Body Measure” mattress. These mattresses are made to the Sleeper’s specific body measurements are designed to keep their spine properly aligned.  In a Standard mattress, Soft, Medium or Firm, spinal alignment is not guaranteed, however comfortable it may be.

We are NOT claiming that it will cure your back, but will not aggravate the situation any further.

18. How do I take care of a NuAge mattress? Do I need to rotate the mattress periodically?

  • You can rotate our Standard mattresses but NOT our “Made to Body Measure” mattresses.
  • NuAge mattresses are robustly built using high quality material and they are designed to last longer than the Warranty period.
  • Just make sure that you don’t spill any water or wine on your mattress. Water tends to break down foam in the mattress.