NuAge Foam Mattresses

A NuAge foam mattress gives you a deep sleep and comfort at a great price. NuAge foam mattresses are designed and built by Canadian memory foam and mattress engineers. Our custom and standard foam mattresses are available online, in-store, or by booking our mobile mattress showroom truck. In White Rock, our mattress showroom truck can bring our mattresses directly to your doorstep. NuAge Foam is a British Columbia memory foam manufacturer that combines specially formulated memory foams into every custom and standard foam mattress.

It took our mattress engineers years to come up with the right memory foam formulas to perfectly distribute weight and reduce or eliminate pressure points on the body. Pressure points are the main reason people toss and turn all night, as their body moves to relieve built up pressure caused by their mattress. The right combination of memory foams for weight distribution is the secret behind the superior support offered by a NuAge foam mattress.

Our engineers have used their decades of memory foam manufacturing and mattress construction experience to solve some of the biggest challenges in the design and construction of mattresses.

Custom and Standard Foam Mattresses

NuAge foam mattresses come in all the standard sizes. All our mattresses are 10 inches high from the floor. We utilize combinations of different memory foams to create our soft, medium and firm standard foam mattress. Most people will find proper support, weight distribution and sleep results with a NuAge standard foam mattress.

However, for people with some form of sleep deprivation, or insomnia, it can pay to go with a custom mattress. Our custom made-to-body-measure mattress is built to properly distribute the weight of your specific body. Our engineers use different combinations of memory foam to improvethe weight distribution and eliminate pressure points on unique body injuries or disabilities. With some injuries or disabilities, proper weight distribution is simply not possible with any standard foam mattress.

Every NuAge foam mattress has a serial number for tracking purposes. All our Mattresses come with a 10 year pro-rated warranty for Material and Workmanship.We offer our hassle-free return with full refund for a period of 180 Days on our custom mattress and 120 Days on our standard foam mattress.

Sleep and Mattress Pressure Points

People with severe or moderate sleep deprivation are extremely sensitive to mattress pressure points. These pressure points are caused by poor weight distribution. Instead of distributing the weight with proper support, a poor mattress effectively “pushes back” some of the weight creating a pressure point. For people who have no problems sleeping, a minor pressure point is no big deal. On the other hand, sleep deprivation problems can often improve when distractions from pressure points are eliminated with our custom NuAge foam mattress.

Mattress pressure points are a common problem for couples with different body types and weight differences. While one person may sleep comfortably, their partner is suffering from a total lack of support. If this problem sounds familiar you will find the solution with the NuAge Custom 2-Person Foam Mattress.

Pursuit of the Perfect Foam Mattress

If you have an ailment, disability or injury that is affecting your sleep, NuAge Foam goes the extra mile. One of our mattress engineers can modify the mattress design to your unique body. In our pursuit for the perfect foam mattress, NuAge offers a free engineer consultation for a NuAge Foam Mattress.