5. How is your Mattress different from other brands of “Bed in a Box” Mattresses that are sold on line, to justify the price difference?

  • Our Standard Soft/Medium/Firm mattresses are very similar in performance to other Brads of “bed in a box” mattress are priced at more or less the same level as other brands. Undoubtedly, these mattresses are very comfortable but, as in any other Standard mattress, there is no guarantee for proper spinal alignment.
  • Our “made to body measure” mattresses, however, are very different from the other “bed in box” mattresses. Each of these mattresses is made to the user’s specific body measurements and we guarantee not only comfort but also correct spinal alignment. We make sure that you get the right mattress the first time, without the hassle of having to return it. These mattresses are designed and made individually.  Hence, the price difference between a Standard and a “Made to Body Measure” mattresses.