The NuAge Custom Mattress

A NuAge , made-to-body-measure, custom foam mattress costs a lot less thank you think. Go custom with NuAge AND save at the same time. Our foam mattresses are customized with custom memory foam to your specific weight and body type for a deeper sleep. We offer free delivery in the Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland area. There are two main reasons why you should consider a NuAge custom foam mattress.

All our made-to-body-measure foam mattresses come with a special layer of memory foam, called the pressure equalization layer, which goes between the conventional mattress base layer and the comfort layer. The pressure equalization layer transfers part of the contact pressure of the mattress from high pressure areas, such as the shoulder and hip areas, to the low pressure area at the middle of the torso. This reduces the peak mattress pressure intensity by as much as 25%. The result is our custom foam mattresses distribute equal pressure throughout the length of the torso, reducing spinal distortion to well within the safe limit of +/- 5 degrees.

NuAge custom mattresses are designed and built here in British Columbia. The price of our custom mattresses is often less than competitor standard foam mattresses. We also have a mobile mattress showroom available in the Greater Vancouver Area. Why buy a one-size-fits-all mattress when you can get a custom foam mattress for less?


Custom Foam Mattress Measurements

The pressure equalization layer of our custom mattress is made from different grades of memory foam and the composition and configuration depend on your weight, height and skeletal profile of your torso. We need your specific body measurements in order to design and build the pressure equalization layer of your new custom mattress.

Measurements required for our custom foam mattress:

  • Height up to the shoulder (h1)
  • Height up to the lowest rib (h2)
  • Height up to the widest part of the hip (h3)
  • Total height and weight (H and W)


These measurements were created using a set of empirical formulae developed by us based on published data of human body statistics and our own database. This enables us to determine the skeletal profile of your torso within the required degree of accuracy. The design of the pressure equalization layer depends on the overall height, weight and, most critically, on the profile of the bone structure of the torso of the user of the mattress.

The base layer of our mattresses is made of high density memory foam and the comfort layer of high quality cooling gel incorporated memory foam.

Foam Mattress Safety Standards

NuAge mattresses are totally SAFE to sleep on, with no exposure to any harmful chemicals. At the same time, our mattresses meet all the requirements of prevailing internationally accepted standards to be Fire/Flame Retardant.

  • Our mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Even though our memory foam does not contain any harmful Fire Retardant Chemicals, we meet the requirements of California TB 117-2103 Flammability Standards for Foam used in household furniture.
  • All our Mattresses meet the requirements of United States 16CFR-1633, Open Flame Flammability Standard for Mattresses, without the use of any Fire Retardant Chemicals. This is a strict requirement for all Mattresses sold in the United States but not in Canada.

Buy online, or give us a call if you have any questions regarding our custom foam mattress.