3. You claim that no standard, soft, medium or firm is right firm is right for me. The only mattress that is right for me is the one that is made to my measurement. If that is the case then why the other brand name mattress companies offering the same the same choice?

  • We can’t comment on what the other Mattress Companies are doing. I am sure that they know what they are doing, otherwise they won’t be successful.
  • Most people will find any Standard mattress reasonably comfortable due to generous use of Memory Foam in the Comfort Layer. However, there is no guarantee that the spinal distortion will be within the safe limit.  The effect of spinal distortion is felt only after some time and by then it may be too late to return the mattress.
  • In case of our “Made to Body Measure” mattresses, we take all guess work out of the equation. The mattress is custom made to your specific body measurements and we guarantee not only comfort but also proper spinal alignment.