NuAge Foam Mattresses

A NuAge foam mattress is guaranteed to improve your sleep with our advanced memory foam and engineering. You can buy direct from our factory mattress store in Delta, a short drive from Richmond. We also sell custom and standard foam mattresses online. Richmond customers can book our mobile mattress showroom truck. Our truck pulls up to your front door and you can see, test and buy a NuAge foam mattress.

The NuAge Foam mattress is designed and built by Canadian memory foam and mattress engineers. After years of trial and error we finally solved the problem of proper weight distribution, or pressure points in a mattress. Our foam engineers have created a series of memory foams with varying densities. Our custom mattresses take the memory foam process a step further. Our special formulas for memory foams is the secret behind every NuAge foam mattress.

NuAge Standard foam mattresses come with a 10 year pro-rated warranty for Material and Workmanship. We offer our hassle-free return guarantee with full refund for a period of 120 Days when you buy a NuAge standard mattress, or 180 Days for a custom NuAge foam mattress.

Advantages of a NuAge Foam Mattress

It is wise to remember that when you buy a new mattress, you are actually buying sleep. Most people will find their solution with our standard soft, medium or firm foam mattresses. These three support levels provide proper weight distribution, while eliminating the pressure points that cause tossing and turning. Besides a great price and free delivery, a good night’s sleep is the biggest advantage of a NuAge Standard foam mattress.

Most people who do not suffer from insomnia or severe sleep deprivation have no idea how lucky they are. People with sleep deprivation problems are far more sensitive to mattress pressure points and insufficient weight distribution. For insomniacs, mattress pressure points that regular sleepers wouldn’t even notice, can become a major distraction and completely decimate their sleep. If you suffer from sleep deprivation, you should definitely check out our custom fit foam mattress.

Our Made-to-Body-Measure Foam Mattress

When it comes to perfection, not all mattresses are created equal. Our custom mattresses, like a custom suit, are built to fit your body like a glove. Our mattress engineers use different densities of memory foam to ensure your body weight is supported properly in the right places. Eliminating sleep distractions that contribute to insomnia is why many people with severe sleep deprivation prefer our custom NuAge foam mattress.

The engineering behind our custom mattresses is actually quite simple. The tricky part is getting the right combination of memory foams to distribute weight effectively. In some cases we will formulate entirely new memory foam to achieve zero pressure points. A custom NuAge foam mattress can also provide custom support to compensate for body injuries or disabilities.

What are You Waiting For?

The fact you are reading this page is a good indicator you need a new mattress. Shop online, drop in to our factory warehouse store, or book one of our showroom trucks. Give us a call or request to see and try the NuAge foam mattress.