8. Does the foam in your Mattress contain any Fire Retardant chemicals? If not, being made of foam, will the mattressadd to the fire hazard in my home?

  • No, the foam in our mattresses does not contain any Fire Retardant chemicals which have been proved to harmful, especially to small children.

However, all the foam used in our mattress meet the requirements of the current US standard for Fire Retardency of foam, Cal 117, 2013, even without the use of any Fire Retardant chemicals.

All our mattresses are wrapped with a special Fire Barrier before they are put into the cover as per the requirements of the current US standard of Flame Retardency of Mattresses, 16 CFR 1633. The Fire Barrierprevents the foam from going up in flame and, therefore, to answer your question, the mattress will not increase the fire risk in your home.