NuAge Memory Foam Mattresses

A NuAge queen sized foam mattress comes in two options. Our standard NuAge queen size foam mattresses and our custom memory foam mattress. Our affordable queen size made-to-body-measure mattresses provide custom support at a much lower cost than other brand mattresses offering a one-size-fits-all standard memory foam mattress.

NuAge Standard Memory Foam Mattress

Our Standard memory foam mattresses come in three different versions, or compressions: Soft, Medium and Firm.The dimensions of our standard and custom queen size foam mattresses are 10 x 60 x 80 inches. For most people, one of these three types of memory foam mattresses will be the right fit. However, for couples with significant weight and size differences, and others that need a custom fit, we also offer a custom memory foam mattress.

Here, you will find more information on our Standard Memory Foam Mattress. Our mattresses were designed by memory foam engineers and took years of trial and error to get the right formula for our memory foam.

For customers in the Greater Vancouver area that are unable to get to our mattress warehouse, our mobile showroom truck is stocked with a standard queen size. We can bring our standard memory foam mattresses direct to your door, so you can try it out before buying your mattress.

All our queen size foam mattresses come with a 10 year pro-rated warranty for Material and Workmanship.

NuAge Custom Memory Foam Mattress

A NuAge, made-to-body-measure, custom foam mattress costs a lot less than you think.Our memory foam mattresses are made with custom formulated memory foam to fit your specific weight and body type to induce a deeper relaxed state of sleep. Decades of memory foam engineering are behind every NuAge custom memory foam mattress.

The engineering science of our memory foam mattress is very simple. Our custom foam mattress can be made for one or two people. A standard memory foam mattress is usually okay for most people who take sleep for granted. On the other hand, many people struggle to get any sleep at all for a variety of reasons. For many people with sleep problems the solution to getting a good night’s sleep is a custom memory foam mattress.

NuAge guarantees comfort and proper support. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we offer our hassle-free return with full refund for a period of 6 months, with the original receipt.

Mattresses for People with Disabilities

Life can be rough on your physical body. Sports asd accident injuries and other ailments can deteriorate if you are not sleeping in a bed with proper support. Our mattress engineers can design a custom mattress that reduces the pressure points on the problem areas of your body. If you have a severe or isolated disability our memory foam engineers will even formulate custom memory foam to get your perfect fit mattress.

If you have a disability, the cost of an engineer to design your custom solution is included in the price of our queen size custom memory foam mattress.